What is AJ Zion Healthcare Agency doing about coronavirus?

Our main goal throughout the coronavirus pandemic is to ensure that all of our customers and staff remain as safe as possible. These are unprecedented times and we’re doing our utmost to ensure that the guidance and procedures that we put in place follow the latest advice from the Government and NHS. This includes the adequate provision of personal protective equipment (PPE) such as aprons and gloves, which we have been supplying to our teams up and down Dorset and Hampshire.

With the unsettling times that we find ourselves in, we appreciate that many of you have questions about yours or a loved one’s care, or even what we are asking our carers to do. We want to be completely transparent with you so that you can feel reassured and safe in the knowledge that you are being looked after properly.


We want to ensure that all our employees and clients remain as safe as possible during the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak and to do so, we are introducing some company-wide protocols and procedures. These will be updated frequently as the pandemic spreads.

From this point, we would ask all employees to observe the following policy at all times, whether you are at work or not. If we all do so, all of the time, we have the very best chance of not catching the infection ourselves and also not spreading the infection to our customers.

This virus is most contagious when the first symptoms show and for two or three days afterwards, so it’s important that you follow this policy and NHS guidelines in order to protect ourselves and our clients.